Xandra Kramer


Xandra Kramer conducts research in the area of Private International Law (Conflict of Laws), International Litigation, Civil Procedure and European Private Law. She takes an interest in empirical legal research and policy-oriented research.

Specific topics include: international jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgments, cross-border class and group actions, human rights and civil procedure, international corruption and private (international) law, cross-border service of documents, international mediation, the European order for payment procedure, the European small claims procedure, international contracts and torts (including insurance and consumer contracts), principles of civil procedure and private international law, methodology of (European) private international law. 

Most English publications are full text available at SSRN. Most (Dutch) publications as from 2002 are full text available in the Repository of Erasmus University Rotterdam (Repub).

Publications are categorized by books (including studies), scholarly articles and book chapters, and others (including short publications, editorials and book reviews). Within these categories a sub division is made between English and Dutch publications. 

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