Surveys on Brussels I Regulation

We are conducting a research, funded by an Action Grant of the European Commission, on the Brussels I-bis Regulation. 

We are curious to know how the new rules of the Brussels Regulation on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of civil judgment function in practice. The researchers are extremely grateful if you could could fill out the surveys (approx. 10 minutes) or forward these to others that might be interested. 

The survey is available in Dutch, English, French and German.


Besides publishing, Xandra Kramer regards lecturing as an important and rewarding means to share knowledge. She regularly speaks at national and international conferences and seminars, at European institutions, and at the European Law Academy (Europäische Rechtsakademie) in Trier, Germany. She also regularly gives seminars for law firms, courts and businesses and offers in house courses. 

She develops courses and lectures in the area of private international law, international litigation and European private law. She has had the privilege to teach Master students from all over the world, and has lectured at different universities in the Netherlands and abroad, including in the United States, Vietnam, and Turkey. She has received an honourly mention as ‘best lecturer’ at several occasions. 

Small Selection of Conferences and Seminars


  • ‘Towards ELI-Unidroit Model Rules of Civil Procedure: Basic Premises and Challenges’, presentation Bay Area Civil Procedure Forum, Hastings, San Francisco, USA (2016)
  • Organisation and initiation Conference ‘From Common Rules to Best Practices in European Civil Procedure’, Rotterdam (with Burkhard Hess, director Max Planck Insitute for Procedural Law Luxembourg), Rotterdam, 25-26 February 2016.
  • ‘EU Private international law and the global fight against corruption’, Conference EU Law between Universalism and Fragmentation, Vigo (2015).
  • ‘Relief in small and simple matters in an age of austerity’, presentation comparative general report (19 countries) at XV World Congress on Procedural Law of the International Association of Procedural Law, Istanbul (2015).
  • ‘Access to justice and technology: transforming cross-border litigation and adjudication in the EU through e-Justice, Conference Cyberjustice Laboratory, Montréal (2014). (li> ‘European Private International Law: The Way Forward’, presentation in-depth analysis in the European Parliament, JURI Committee workshop on Upcoming Issues of EU Law, Brussels (2014)
  • ‘What Did the ESCP Bring to the EU Justice Table?’, speech on invitation of the Lithuanian EU Council Presidency, Vilnius, Lithuanian Presidency Conference – European Small Claims Procedure: How Civil Law Instruments Serve the Interests of EU Citizens (2013).
  • ‘Structure of the proceedings: differences, common denominators and prospects of harmonisation, Vienna, Austria, ELI-UNIDROIT conference and expert workshop
  • ‘From Transnational Principles to European Rules of Civil Procedure’ (2013). ‘Towards a European Code of Private International Law?, presentation briefing note in European Parliament, Brussels (2013)
  • ‘Nothing or Noting? Experiences and Future Prospects on European Procedures, Uppsala, Sweden, Conference on Civil Justice in the EU (2013).
  • ‘Redress and Remedies: A European approach to collective redress.’ Trier, Germany, Europäische Rechtsakademie, Annual Conference on European Consumer Law (2012).
  • ‘Cross-border small claims litigation: The Dutch perspective: guarded optimism and pragmatism.’ Istanbul, Turkey, Conference The Future of International Small Claims Litigation (2012).
  • Initiator and organizer International Conference, in collaboration with Maastricht University and Ius Commune Research School. Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands), 17 and 18 June 2010.
  • ‘The Interaction between Rome I and Mandatory EU Private Rules. EPIL and EPL: Communicating Vessels?’, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland (2009).
  • ‘Conflicts methodology in contemporary European private international law: the Rome I and II regulations. From universalism to federalism?’, University of Johannesburg, South Africa (2009).
  • ‘Key Issues of the European Insolvency Regulation’, Europäische Rechtsakademie/European Law Academy (ERA), Trier, Germany (2009).
  • ‘Towards a More Effective System of Service of Documents and Taking of Evidence Abroad’, Europäische Rechtsakademie/European Law Academy (ERA), Trier, Germany (2008).
  • ‘A Major Step in the Harmonization of Procedural Law in Europe: the European Small Claims Procedure. Accomplishments, New Features and Some Fundamental Questions of European Harmonization’, XIII World Congress of Procedural Law, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil (2007).
  • Organizer Seminar ‘The role of the Indonesian Constitutional Court as the guardian of the constitution and the protector of human rights’, involving Indonesian and Dutch speakers (judges and academics), Erasmus University Rotterdam (2007).

National (Dutch)

  • ‘Actuele ontwikkelingen in het internationaal vermogensrecht’, Asser seminar presentation book Asser/Kramer & Verhagen, Amsterdam (2015)
  • ‘Implementatie van de Mediation Richtlijn. Een Europese invalshoek’, Universiteit Utrecht, Utrecht (2009).
  • ‘Grensoverschrijdende inning van vorderingen: De Europese betalingsbevelprocedure en de Nederlandse rechtspraktijk’, NTHR Congres, Amsterdam (2009).
  • ‘European Contract Law, European Private International Law and European Civil Procedure: Communicating Vessels?! The case of consumer contracts’. European Contract Law Series, University of Amsterdam (UvA) (2008).
  • ‘Implementatie in de rechtspraktijk van de Europese small claims procedure’, District Court Zutphen (2008).
  • ‘Challenges of European Civil Procedure: Implementation and Application of the European Small Claims Procedure’, Ius Commune Conference 2008, Amsterdam, (2008).
  • ‘De nieuwe Betekeningsverordening in de vervoerrechtelijke praktijk’, Vereniging voor Vervoerrecht Advocaten (VVA), Rotterdam, 26 November 2008.
  • ‘Het toepasselijke recht op verzekeringsovereenkomsten. Voorstel Rome I - naar een uniforme conflictregel voor verzekeringsovereenkomsten?, Symposium Insurance and Europe, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Amsterdam (2007).